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Council Redistricting
Council Redistricting
How would you describe the neighborhood that you live in and how would you define it's boundaries?
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Every 10 years, the Oakland City Charter requires the City to adjust the City Council District boundaries to equalize each district’s population according to U.S. Census data. This process is called Redistricting. Over the summer, the City, in partnership with Councilmembers, will gather input from Oakland residents at a series of Redistricting Town Hall Meetings.

Redistricting is the process of drawing new electoral district boundaries in order to equalize district populations. Since the 1993, redistricting of City Council Districts has been done every ten years. The overall purpose of redistricting is to review districts and, where necessary, redraw districts in order to address any changes in population concentration.

Participating in the Redistricting provides Oaklanders an opportunity to voice concerns and suggestions, which is critical to ensuring that they have equal access to the political process. It can also help lead to the adoption of redistricting plans that provide communities of interest a meaningful opportunity to elect candidates who represent their interests on issues that are important to their lives.

We need your help identifying and mapping local communities of interest.

> How would you describe the neighborhood that you live in and how would you define it's boundaries? What are the key features of your neighborhood (e.g. groups of people, creeks, parks, schools, important buildings or landmarks)?

> Do the current district lines respect, or divide, your community of interest?

There are two ways to use Engage Oakland to participate in the 2013 Redistricting. You are welcome to use both:

> Click the “Add an Idea” button the upper left part of your screen, to send in your comments, which will be viewable by City staff, and other Engage Oakland viewers;

> Show and describe your neighborhood on the City map: click on your neighborhood in the map above, which will add a green ID tag; click the What’s Your Idea button and then write a title (such as “Adam’s Point” or “Dimond”) for your entry in the Idea Title field, and a description of the neighborhood (such as “I think of the boundaries of my neighborhood are…”) in the Idea Description field. All Engage Oakland viewers will be able to see the different neighborhoods identified and comment.

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