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2015-2023 Housing Element
2015-2023 Housing Element
What are the top housing issues in Oakland?
Help spread the word. Encourage others to participate!

The 2015-2023 Housing Element update is now underway, and the City of Oakland is looking for your participation. The Housing Element is part of Oakland’s General Plan that serves as a blueprint for housing the City’s residents, at all economic levels including low income and households with special needs. Cities implement their housing elements through regulatory tools such as zoning; daily decisions by staff, the Planning Commission and City Council about housing development; and housing programs. Oakland operates a number of housing programs targeted to lower income homeowners and renters, and works with the non-profit community and service providers to facilitate the development and preservation of housing options for all Oakland residents. The City’s existing policies and programs are contained in Ch. 7 of the 2007-2014 Housing Element. Visit the project webpage “Documents & Resources” section for Ch. 7 as an individual chapter, which we are seeking your input on.

The Housing Element update will span from February through December 2014, and public comment is welcome, with adoption scheduled for January 2015.

To view the Housing Element Update schedule, news and announcements please visit the 2015-2023 Housing Element Web Page link below.

More Info:
2015-2023 Housing Element Web Page

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